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  1. Moto Dolly Holiday T-Shirt - Black with Motorcycle Rider Graphic, Perfect Dolly Parton Merchandise
  2. Rock N Roll Essentials Bundle: Black and White Gloves with Scissors
  3. Official Dolly Parton Merchandise. 100% premium cotton, unisex t-shirt featuring a grey graphic photo print of Dolly Parton and the title of her album Rockstar.
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  4. Official Dolly Parton Merchandise. PU leather fingerless gloves featuring the Dolly Parton Rockstar logo. Finish off your rocker look with this iconic gloves.
  5. Official Dolly Parton Merchandise. 100% cotton black bandana with a white all over print Dolly Parton Rockstar logo.
  6. Official Dolly Parton Merchandise. Black drumsticks featuring the Dolly Parton Rockstar logo. Rock out with these sleek sticks!
  7. Official Dolly Parton Merchandise. Double sided, sublimated can cooler featuring the Rockstar logo and road case details.
  8. Official Dolly Parton Merchandise. Rockstar Roadie CD Box Set featuring a Rockstar CD, can cooler and a t-shirt.
  9. Black shirt with Dolly image and CD in ’Let’s Make a Stand’ Box Set
  10. Rockstar CD Box Set: Black Shirt, White T-Shirt & Black Box - Perfect Collector’s Item
  11. Dolly Parton Biker Red Vinyl Box Set with Rock Star T-Shirt and CD Bundle
  12. Madonna Special Edition Ultimate Collection 2LP + T-Shirt + CD Hot Rod Clear Vinyl Box Set
  13. Official Dolly Parton Merchandise. Moto Lightning T-Shirt Rockstar CD Box Set featuring the Rockstar CD, t-shirt and a can cooler.
  14. Close-up of Rockstar 4LP Dolly Moto Cover Black Vinyl Box Set featuring a woman on a motorcycle
  15. White vinyl showing a woman in a car from Dolly Parton’s Rockstar 4LP Hot Rod Clear Vinyl Box Set
  16. Woman in orange and white shirt - Rockstar 2CD UT Limited Edition special guest attire
  17. Special guest Dolly on Rockstar 2CD: close-up image of woman in car
  18. Woman in leather jacket riding motorcycle - Rockstar (Download Exclusive Version) guest special